⌛️ 90 min

A dolphin cruise is one of the most popular tours in the area. Cruise across the Choctawhatchee Bay, pass by Crab Island, and tour the east pass along the Gulf of Mexico in search of Dolphins. 


⌛️ 4 hrs

Embark on a 4 hour journey to Destin's Carb Island Sandbar. Don't worry  about the details and responsibilities of renting a pontoon boat. Sit back, relax and enjoy your time in style with 850 Adventure. 


Entertain friends, family or colleagues for four hours with this Crab Island Sandbar getaway! 


⌛️ 90 min

Cruise across the Choctawhatchee Bay heading to the Gulf of Mexico to view the sunset. Along the way we may even encounter some Dolphins. 

This is a perfect way to end your summer evening. 


⌛️ 2-10 hrs

Looking for something more unique, more private or a special occasion and don’t want to worry about the details and responsibilities of renting a pontoon boat? Choose us and sit back, relax, and enjoy your day in style while we handle the details of your journey.  

Entertain friends, family or colleagues for 2-10 hours with this private cruise. 


⌛️ 2 hrs

Enjoy a Thursday night Fireworks show from Memorial Day through Labor Day! Observe the sunset then watch some fireworks from Destin's east pass. 

This is a perfect way to end a Thursday evening in the summer.


⌛️90 min

Cruise the Destin Harbor in style while enjoying all the sites available. At night the lights are dazzling while reflecting of the water. 



Schedule and routes vary depending on weather and other considerations beyond our Control.

All cruises are restricted to a maximum of 6 people.


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